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Portable LED Projector

Sold For:

Auction no: 3596
Portable LED Projector
Winner: sankar nath mahapatra
From Vizag
Savings: 88.99%
Saved: $105.88
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iPad Mini WiFi

Sold For:

Auction no: 2870
iPad Mini WiFi
Savings: 23.25%
Saved: $71.14
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Canon DSLR 1100D

Sold For:

Auction no: 3597
Canon DSLR 1100D
Winner: Sobin Kuriakose
From Kochi
Savings: 96.39%
Saved: $352.29
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Bidstall Winning Tricks To Win Prizes or Make Money Online

At Bidstall You can Win Prizes under Rs 50 ( Less than $1.00). After winning the Prize you can chose to Receive The Prize or Cash value of the Prize allowing you to Make Money Online. Download Bidstall Online Auction Winning Tricks (.pdf) or Online Auction Winning Tricks (.doc).Read more Winning Tips and Tricks Here.

Winning Trick 1
1. Early & frequent bidding is advisable to gauge the presence of others who bid after you.

2. During auctions, place bids equally spaced apart. For Eg : If max price of product is 9.00, consider placing bids with a fixed gap like 8.95, 8.90, 8.85 & so on. By doing this you analyze & estimate where your bids stand against other bids, thereby increasing your overall chances of winning.

3. Eliminate positions above you & reach 1st position, thereby greatly increasing your chances of winning the auction.

Winning Trick 2:
1. Aim to occupy first four positions. Create a decent gap between each of your positions. For Example:
 Position  Bidder  Location  Bid  Bidstall ID
 1 Place  Player1  Delhi  9.95  1789
 2 Place  Player1  Delhi  9.75  1789
 3 Place  Player1  Delhi  9.63  1789
 4 Place  Player1  Delhi  9.55  1789
 5 Place  Another Player  Mumbai  #.##  2376
Notice the bid gap created between each of the bids by "Player1" consecutive positions. This way Player1 is ensuring "Another Player" placed from Position 5 and all other participants placed below position 5 will have difficulty in cracking 1st position thereby greatly increasing his chances of winning the auction.

Winning Trick 3:
If you are a last minute participant, you can try your luck by continuously placing a few bids.
For Example: Lets assume an auction Apple IPAD has received 400 bids, the max price of which is 10. Then try placing some 25-50 bids starting from 8.50 to 8.00 & hope some number will be unique. This strategy may work so long 1st position is constantly changing, however may fail otherwise. 
Bidstall does not recommend this strategy, as its observed statistically that last minute participants end up loosing the auction than getting anywhere near 1st position.

 Q1) What are my chances of Winning an auction ?
Ans : Your chances of winning are Very High. Usually the probability is 1 in 20 the maximum case

Q2) How different is this from Ebay bidding?
Ans : In Ebay you pay the full price of the product. Here you pay only the Winning Price which is usually under Rs 10.00.

Recommended System Requirements
- Windows XP or Linux Operating Systems running on 1.6 Ghz Intel / AMD Processors.
- 512 Mb RAM.
- Firefox Mozilla 5.0 onwards.
- 256 Kbps+ Broadband connection.

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Bidstall is a reverse auction website for bidders to place bids to win reverse auctions. Bidding at Bidstall is a transparent experience for bidders to bid and win ipads, iphones, mobiles, laptop and other gadgets and get upto 95% discount. Unlike lowest unique Bid auction sites, Bidstall is a higest unique bid auction website where the maximum price of the product is fixed. Bidders are allowed to bid below this price. Auctions at Bidstall are Bid based or time based. Bid based auctions close when the requisite number of bids are received and time based auctions close regardless of the number of bids bids received. Winners of auctions at Bidstall can either chose to receive the product or receive cash value of the product or convert the win to bidding credits that can be used on new or ongoing auctions.

All Products on auction are Original, Brand New and come with manufacturer warranty. The bidding interface of Bidstall is Unique, thereby allowing highest degree of transparency in the process of bidding. There are no limitations on the number of bids a bidder can place in any auction, however its advised care and strategy be excersised to gain maximum advantage of unique shopping experience that is offered by Bidstall. Free Training or Free Online Bidding Programs run all day and each bidder gets 15 Free Bids per Free Training auction. Winners of Free Trainings get bonus and/or additional bids/credits. There maybe promotional offers on Bid package purchase which may be Free Bids or Free Credits or Free Bonus or a combination of any or all these. Bidder can buy Bids using Credit Card/Paypal or Debit Card or Cash Card or via Netbanking. Purchased Bids can be used on any auction you want to bid.

Bidstall online bidding, unique bid auction is a type of strategy game where the winner is the individual with highest unique bid closest to the maximum price of the auction. Unlike other auction sites, the unique feature at Bidstall is that when a bid is placed, a broad & transparent guidance is given to enable further planning bidding. This key feature separates us from the rest of the pack and one of the primary reasons why Bidstall is considered one of the top online bidding sites. Bids have to be submitted manually & there is no scope for automatic bidding. Winning at Bidstall is full of fun and thrill. All bidders are advised to bid responsibly. Please read Terms and conditions carefully before bidding. New registrants are advised to first learn the process of auction and bidding by playing in Free Training auctions. Bidstall aims to make online shopping more innovative for users to win Big Prizes for Small Prices.
Bidstall Vs Competitors

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goodGoogle Adsense Approved
goodPaypal Verified
goodFeatured Top 3 on Trendlist
goodHighly Transparent
goodCash Instead of Product
goodInstant Winner Declaration
goodFree Shipping
goodNo Hidden Charges
goodGenerous Bonus & Free bids


badNot Featured Anywhere
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badNot Featured Anywhere
badZero Transparency
badNo Cash, Product Only if you are Lucky
badWinner Declared after Many Days
badHigh Shipping Charges
badMany Hidden Charges
badNo Bonus or Free Bids
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