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Portable LED Projector

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Auction no: 3596
Portable LED Projector
Winner: sankar nath mahapatra
From Vizag
Savings: 88.99%
Saved: $105.88
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iPad Mini WiFi

Sold For:

Auction no: 2870
iPad Mini WiFi
Savings: 23.25%
Saved: $71.14
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Canon DSLR 1100D

Sold For:

Auction no: 3597
Canon DSLR 1100D
Winner: Sobin Kuriakose
From Kochi
Savings: 96.39%
Saved: $352.29
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Bidstall FAQ on Auctions, Bidding, Payment and Timers

12 Dec 2009: Get to know Frequently asked questions at Bidstall

Auctions FAQ

1.    What is “Max Price” of the product ?
Max price is the highest value that a bidder can bid on the product. Our system will not accept any value higher than this.
E.g. If the max price of a product is Rs 10.00, values greater 10.00 will not be accepted

2.    What is “Bid Quota” ?
Bid quota is the minimum number of bids allotted for the auction.

3.    What is “Countdown Timer” ?
The amount of time left for the auction to close. If the Bid Quota has not reached zero, the timer is restarted by 2 hours & it goes on till the Bid Quota is reached.

4.    What is “Bid Fee” ?
The Bid Fee is the cost of each bid for the auction.
Once the user has logged in, the auction’s free bids and half price bids become available and the price per bid is shown after discount.

5.    What is “Half Price Bid” ?
Half Price Bid implies that the bid can be placed at half price of the actual price per bid.
If you have received auction’s half price bids, you will see the number of half price bids available in the “half price bids” tab. To see if you are entitled for a half price bid or put it into action, you must be logged in with your user name.

6.    What is “Free Bid” ?
Free bid implies that the bid for the auction is free.
If you have received auction’s free bids, you will see the number of free bids available in the “free bids” tab. To see if you are entitled for a free bid or put it into action, you must be logged in with your user name.

7.    What is “Hot Auction” ?
Hot auction is an auction that is near its required bid quota and the timer is running out.

8.    What is “Closing Today” ?
An auction that has reached its required quota and the countdown timer ends on the same day.

9.    What is “Closing Now” ?
An auction that has reached its required quota and the countdown timer will end in 4 hours.

10.    When will an auction close ?
The auction closes when it has reached its bids quota and the countdown timer has ended. The auction will be marked as ´CLOSED´.
If the auction hasn’t reached its quota, the timer is reset and the auction continues.

11.    Who is the winner ?
Once the auction has reached its bid quota and the countdown timer has ended, the highest unique bid, located in the top position, is the winning bid and the user who placed that bid is the winner.

12.    What happens after winning ?
If you are the winner, you will be presented with 3 options which you can chose from.
a. Cash It: Means you can convert the RRP equivalent to cash, in which case a cheque equivalent to 90% of the value of product will be posted to your address which we hold in our database against your name
b. Pay It:Means you will have to pay for the product if you intend to take the product for delivery. Shipping is generally free anywhere in India. Overseas customers might be required to pay an additional shipping fee & take the responsibility of custom clearance. The winning amount will be deducted from your available credit. In the event you do not have enough credit you will be required to purchase a credit package & pay the same.
c. Convert It: Means you can convert the winning equivalent value into bidding credits to participate in other auctions. Remaining Credits are Non-transferable or redeemable to cash or any other form.

13.    Who can participate in the auction ?
Anyone above the age of 18.

14.    What is a flush ?
Flush is a situation in Bidstall when bids of all participants cancel each other and there is no winner.

15.    Why Bidstall Admin places a bid of 0.01 ?
To avoid Flush, Bidstall Admin places a bid of 0.01.

16.    What happens in the event of a flush ?
Bidstall Admin becomes the winner as a consequence of bids cancelling each other. Participants are given refunds in the form of cash or credits & the product is re-auctioned.

Bidding FAQ

1.    What is a “Unique Bid” ?
A unique bid is a bid value offered by only one bidder.

2.    What is a “Non-Unique Bid”?
A non unique bid is a bid value offered by more than one bidder. It does not compete or win the auction.

3.    What is a “Ruled-Out Bid”?
A bid is ruled out of the auction if one of the following applies:
- A 5th continuous bid anywhere in top 9 positions is considered ruled out. The Lowest unique bid that occurs consecutively is ruled out. For Eg: If you have positions 1,2,3,4,5 then position 5 is ruled out. Similarly if you have positions 4,5,6,7,8 then position 8 is ruled out. Sometimes it can take upto 3-5 seconds for the bid to be ruled out.
Note: For bids to be ruled out a bid regardless of its uniqueness must be placed by any bidder.

4.    What happens if I select the same bid twice ?
If you hit upon the same bid twice, you will be displayed an error message & your original bid will remain as is. You will NOT be charged an administrative fee for incidentally or accidentally bidding the same amount more than once.

5.    What happens if I select the same bid as someone else ?
If you select the same bid as someone else, your bid will cancel out theirs. You will be charged for this bid, however, this can, if used right, help to insure you a win.

6.    What happens if someone else selects the same bid as me ?
Your bid will become Non Unique. You can choose to re-bid, with a new unique bid amount.

7.    How many bids can I place ?
You can place as many bids as you want within the maximum limit imposed by Bidstall.

8.    Can i revert back the bid i placed ?
When you place a bid the bidding table, positions & other relevent things get altered to reflect your participation. You cannot revert back any bid you have placed at any point in time.

9.    Can I get refund for unused bids ?
Unfortunately no refund is possible for unused bids.

My Account FAQ

1.    How can I update My Profile / Shipping address / Telephone Number etc?
You first need to login. Then hover mouse over My Account & click My Profile. Enter your details in the upcoming screen & click Update. Your profile will be updated.

2.    Where can i see a list of bids placed by me ?
Inside MyAccount->My Bid Summary. You will see a list of all your bids in Live / Ongoing Auctions

3.    Where can i see my historical bid summary ?
Inside My Account->My Bid History. You will see a history of all products you placed bids on.

4.    I made a transfer. Where can i see it ?
Inside My Account->My Transactions. You will see a list of all transactions that have taken place in a paginated view.

5.   How can i buy credit ?
There are 2 ways for you to buy credit.
a) After logging in you can use the side pane located below logo. There are different bid packages located. You can choose one of them.
b) Inside My Account->Buy Credit.
Both the above choices give you an option to chose the mode of payment, which is either credit-card / PayPal or Debit card / Net banking. While making a payment you are advised to be a little patient since the gateway is operated by third party supplier.

6. How can i change my password ?
Inside My Account->Change Password. Once your password is changed you are advised to login with new credentials.

7.    Does BidStall store my credit card / Debit card Net banking details ?
No. If you receive emails requesting your bank details you must notify immediately. We will take appropriate action from thereon.

8.   I am exited. I want refer a friend. How can i refer a friend?
My Account->Refer a friend. You can refer up to 5 friends at a time

9.    Are there any advantages of referring a friend ?
Of course Yes. For every friend you refer who joins us, we offer you a set number of free or half price bids to be used in any of our ongoing auction. Please check our promotions for the same.

10.    I need more information or i have a problem / suggestion. How can i contact Bidstall ?
Inside My Account->Support Ticket. You can put in your query & send it. Our support staff will usually respond within 48 hours.

Product FAQ

1.   Are Products Original ? Do they carry a guarantee ?
All products are always original, brand new & carry manufacture warranty.

2.   If products arrive damaged what can i do ?
Please contact our customer care & we will guide you to the next steps.

Payment FAQ

1.    How to pay for bidding ?
Paying for bidding is simple.
All you need to do is to deposit money in your account, and start your bidding.
We support credit cards, debit cards and PayPal

2.    How to pay for the products ?
If you intend to take the product for delivery, you can do so. Follow the below steps
1. Login to your account & then My Account drop down chose My Wins.
2. Click on Pay & follow onscreen instructions.
Note:You must have sufficient credit in your account to pay for the auction you won. In case you do not have sufficient credit then you must purchase credits & redo steps 1 & 2.

3.    My Payment has gone through, but my credit is not updated ?
This should not happen. But sometimes due to Internet lags, load on banks, load spikes on gateway, delayed confirmation is sent which results in a timeout. This feature is for your safety & security. Please contact Bidstall & give the reference number & we will investigate this, & manually update credit if found to be true.

3.    How secure are the payments ?
Payments methods supported by are completely secure since we use highest encryption certificates. For that matter, even regular data exchange is also encrypted & secure.  Our security certification is always displayed on all pages for verification purposes. Your privacy and your security are very important to us & we keep your details confidential.

4.    What is the mode of payment recommended by Bidstall ?
Bidstall recommends Paypal for payment & a good experience.

5.   Who is the recipient of the payment ?
If you chose to make payment via Debit Card / Net banking / ITZ Cash / Mobile Payment, then such payments will be collected by our Secure Gateway service provider CC Avenue ( & processed to us later.

6.   How long does it take for a transaction to be processed by Bidstall ?
When a transaction is initiated, you are redirected to our third party Gateway Service Provider CCAvenue (, or Paypal website( , depending on your choice of payment selected. The entire process should take anywhere between a few seconds upto 10 minutes. Till the transaction is completed you are advised to be patient. During the meantime do not hit the back button or refresh button. Participants are advised to Top Up credits well before auction close time to avoid disappointment arising out of Slow Banking.

7.   The Payment transactions via Debit Card / Netbanking / Mobile Payment / Itz Cash takes a long time, Is there a quicker alternative?
Yes. In our internal testing rounds, we have observed Paypal to be faster payment gateway.

8.    What Credit Cards are supported/accepted by Bidstall ?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Some cards may not be approved in some countries. Please check paypal on our section for such facilities.

9.   What Debit Cards are supported/accepted by Bidstall ?
Currently Bidstall Supports 5 Debit Cards issued by Canara Bank, Citibank, PNB, SBI & UBI. More Debit cards will be added as and when our gateway Integrates with such facility providers.

10.   What NetBanking Institutions are supported by Bidstall ?
Upto 33 Netbanking financial institutions are supported by Bidstall They are; ABN Amro, Axis, BOB Corporate, BOB Retail, BOI, BOM, BOR, Citibank, City Union Bank, Corporation Bank, Deutshe Bank, Fedral Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Indus Ind Bank, J&K Bank, Karnataka Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Kotak Mahindra, LV Bank, OBC, PNB Corporate, PNB Retail, South Indian Bank, State Bank of India, SBT, UBI, Vijaya Bank & Yes Bank.
We update this section as & when our gateway integrates with other banks.

Troubleshooting FAQ

1.    My browser experience is slow, sluggish & jagged. What can i do ?
Bidstall is best experienced in Mozilla Firefox. Try downloading latest version of Mozilla firefox and then bid using Mozilla Firefox as your primary browser.

2.    Sometimes the countdown timer freezes & lags. What can i do ?
This problem is specific to Internet explorer / Mozilla variants running on Windows Machines. Consider downloading Mozilla Firefox & use the same for a better experience with Bidstall. Close all other internet applications, browser windows & tabs; Additionally stop background virus scanners, services etc. Also consider upgrading your broadband speed to at least 512 Kbps +. Also if you are last minute bidder keep placing many bids in the last 1-2 minutes & not rely on the countdown timer


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Bidstall is a reverse auction website for bidders to place bids to win reverse auctions. Bidding at Bidstall is a transparent experience for bidders to bid and win ipads, iphones, mobiles, laptop and other gadgets and get upto 95% discount. Unlike lowest unique Bid auction sites, Bidstall is a higest unique bid auction website where the maximum price of the product is fixed. Bidders are allowed to bid below this price. Auctions at Bidstall are Bid based or time based. Bid based auctions close when the requisite number of bids are received and time based auctions close regardless of the number of bids bids received. Winners of auctions at Bidstall can either chose to receive the product or receive cash value of the product or convert the win to bidding credits that can be used on new or ongoing auctions.

All Products on auction are Original, Brand New and come with manufacturer warranty. The bidding interface of Bidstall is Unique, thereby allowing highest degree of transparency in the process of bidding. There are no limitations on the number of bids a bidder can place in any auction, however its advised care and strategy be excersised to gain maximum advantage of unique shopping experience that is offered by Bidstall. Free Training or Free Online Bidding Programs run all day and each bidder gets 15 Free Bids per Free Training auction. Winners of Free Trainings get bonus and/or additional bids/credits. There maybe promotional offers on Bid package purchase which may be Free Bids or Free Credits or Free Bonus or a combination of any or all these. Bidder can buy Bids using Credit Card/Paypal or Debit Card or Cash Card or via Netbanking. Purchased Bids can be used on any auction you want to bid.

Bidstall online bidding, unique bid auction is a type of strategy game where the winner is the individual with highest unique bid closest to the maximum price of the auction. Unlike other auction sites, the unique feature at Bidstall is that when a bid is placed, a broad & transparent guidance is given to enable further planning bidding. This key feature separates us from the rest of the pack and one of the primary reasons why Bidstall is considered one of the top online bidding sites. Bids have to be submitted manually & there is no scope for automatic bidding. Winning at Bidstall is full of fun and thrill. All bidders are advised to bid responsibly. Please read Terms and conditions carefully before bidding. New registrants are advised to first learn the process of auction and bidding by playing in Free Training auctions. Bidstall aims to make online shopping more innovative for users to win Big Prizes for Small Prices.
Bidstall Vs Competitors

goodFeatured In International Business Times
goodGoogle Adsense Approved
goodPaypal Verified
goodFeatured Top 3 on Trendlist
goodHighly Transparent
goodCash Instead of Product
goodInstant Winner Declaration
goodFree Shipping
goodNo Hidden Charges
goodGenerous Bonus & Free bids


badNot Featured Anywhere
badNot Google Approved
badNot Paypal Verified
badNot Featured Anywhere
badZero Transparency
badNo Cash, Product Only if you are Lucky
badWinner Declared after Many Days
badHigh Shipping Charges
badMany Hidden Charges
badNo Bonus or Free Bids
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